This week in international marketing: Key to Global Success | Mobile Localization | Content Management | Worldwide Web Presence

In our Weekly Round-up for the best in international marketing we propose to get familiar with the following four articles:

1. Global Companies Wouldn’t Be Successful Without What? 

It’s fair to say that localization is a key and important part of international business. Depending on a company’s international goals will determine the course of action and planning needed to be successful. However, no matter what international goals a company may have, localizing the brand, products, and services is fundamental to success.

Source: Global Companies Wouldn’t Be Successful Without What?

2. How Can Mobile Localization Help Improve Your Global Exposure?

Smartphones have changed the way we do business. They have in fact changed many aspects of our lives. Businesses now have to consider smartphone usage and mobile phone technology when creating their plans and strategies.

One consideration that is sometimes overlooked but that can be hugely beneficial is mobile localization.

This article looks at what this term is and how it can improve your mobile phone business strategies and exposure.

Source: How Can Mobile Localization Help Improve Your Global Exposure?

3. 5 Content Management Tips for Global Websites 

One of the biggest challenges of setting up and managing a global website is the organization and creation of the localized content.

It is nice to see content management being taken more seriously now by website owners and the marketers by understanding the various customer journeys and personas rather than to just push out what the business wants their customers to see.

At the same time, many websites just translate the home site content to create the various global sites.

Considering that the content on the home site was often created based on the customer needs and other factors for a specific market, those global variations may be started out with an enormous handicap.

Here you can find five tips to help manage content for global websites.

Source: 5 Content Management Tips for Global Websites

4. How to Establish a Real “Worldwide” Web Presence 

The world may be getting smaller as the internet gets bigger, but to create a realworldwide web presence, you need to reach people at the local level. Make sure you tap the right professionals – localization specialists, native translators/language consultants, and international SEO experts – to optimize international demand for your business line. If you follow some of these best practices, you’ll be well on your way to reaching new consumers around the globe and sending your sales through the stratosphere!

Source: How to Establish a Real “Worldwide” Web Presence

This was our ‘best of the week’. Next week we will continue to provide you with the interesting and current news on digital globalization, culture, language, localization and international digital marketing.

Stay tuned.


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